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19 May, 2010: From Kalimantan Barat (Indonesian Borneo), these “4x4 Invaders” are coming to test their machines, accessories, themselves and most of all, to promote their country to the rest of the off−road world in thsi year’s RFC. Even though relatively new to the scene, these “new blood” off−roaders from Pontianak (vampire) are no “push over” in this tough adventure sports as they have the skills and on the ground experience to match. Their figthting machines are two Toyota FJ40 and a Daihatsu Taft. “Ready for Action” is their battle cry, while we get ready for their invasion this 4−13 Dec.


Kubu Raya 4x4 Team (Left to Right) Akiun, Ahwai, Bupati Kubu Raya, Muda Mahendrawan, SH Tono and Nurhidayat Team Manager)


They are among the Early Bird Entries for this year. What makes them a tough nut to crack? Well, for starters they modify their machines themselves, so they know their 4x4s very well. Then they put in practical research and development into real action on the ground. Thus, they know what works and what does not. And most of all, they have shown guts, determination and fighting spirit in the various events that they have been, such as Lundu Off Road Assault 2005 (Kuching, Sarawak), IMI Singkawang 4x4 Challenge 2006 (Singkawang, Indonesia), Tarat 4x4 Winch Challenge 2007 (Kuching, Sarawak), Kuching−Samarahan Int 4x4 Challenge 2008 (Kuching, Sarawak) and the Singkawang Chap Goh Mei 4x4 Challenge 2009 ⁄ 2010 (Singkawang, Indonesia).


Sartono the winch man for Wilfred Sim (Team 120 Sakta)


“Last year, Sartono went as the co−driver of Wilfred Sim of Team Sakta (Sarawak) in RFC 2009. After his entry, the off−road mood from Kalimantan is never the same again. We are determined to take on the rest of the off−roaders from Europe to Asia” commented Huhidayat, the team manager. “And, in the process, we are promoting our country especially Kalimantan to our peers and media from over 30 countries,” he added. Assisting Kubu Raya 4x4 Team to make it to RFC 2010 will be Eddie Alvarado from Sakta (Sarawak Travel and Adventure Club) who is also the RFC rep. “These guys drive their machines all the way from Pontianak to Kuching (more than 6 hrs) just for the challenge and make friends,” smiled Eddie. “Last year Sakta took the plunge into RFC and we were proud of our entry and this time, we are bringing our Indonesian brothers who share the same island with us,” commented both Bladae Lasem (President of Sakta) and Charles L Bungas @ the Rock (Sakta Club secretary). More stories of Sakta preparation in Part II.


Sartono and Wilfred Sim at the podium as Champion for above 3,000 cc

RFC 2009 Results. Above 3,000cc Champion 

Team 120 (Malaysia  ⁄  Indonesia) 

Wilfred Sim Sze Hao ⁄  Sartono


We look forward to welcome Kubu Raya 4x4 Team from Kalimanta Barat (Indonesia) to RFC 2010 this Dec.


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